martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

"No Idea" layout tutorial - Por Steffi

Hola and Hello!

Do you know these days? Finally you have time and you´re so happy to create something. See all
the great stuff on your desk… but NO IDEA! I have this from time to time. 
And this is the story from my layout, which I will share here with 
a mini tutorial with these colorful sewing yarn.

Let´s start…

I love my colorful sewing yarns - and why not doing different with it?

I have a lot of these white acrylic alphas from Heidi Swapp.
You can also use another alphas. 

Before you wrap the yarn around the letters, you have to put on some glue at the backside.

Now you wrap the yarn around the letter. I hope you have a little bit time for this, hihi.

But at some letters, it is very difficult to wrap around the corner.
Here you have to take a scissor and make some small cuts around the corner,
so that the yarn stays better at the corners. I hope you understand what I mean :-)

At last I used some white clouds (cut files) and some patterned paper stripes and embellishments for
my layout. Thats it :-)

 I hope, you like it and it inspires you. 

xo Steffi

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