miércoles, 1 de julio de 2015

Great news! New member in the team: Loredana Bucaria - DT In The Scrap

Y es que tengo otra cosa que contaros!!! Sabéis que tenemos nuevo miembro en el equipo? Sí, sí, y estoy in love con ella y su galería de proyectos! Ella es miembro de Studio Calico, es mamá por primera vez y es de Italia... Lo podéis adivinar? Ella es Loredana Bucaria!!! Y es todo un honor tenerla como diseñadora en el equipo, moriréis de amor con sus trabajos! Si no la conocéis, que lo dudo, aquí os cuenta un poco más.
And I have other thing to tell you!!! You know we have a new member in the team? Yes, yes, and I'm in love with her and her gallery projects! She is a member of Studio Calico, is first time mom and she's from Italy... What can you guess? She is Loredana Bucaria!!! And it's an honor having her as a designer in the team, you'll die of love with her projects! If you don't know her, which I doubt, here are some more features.

Hey there! I am Lory a Romantic, cheerful italian girl that have a lots of dreams! I love to read a lot of fantasy books,Harry Potter and Twilight crazy fan here, romances. I adore to travel around the world to know new friends and different cultures. I love scrapbooking, it's my life! Obsessed from jeans and bags, yellow lover currently.cooking  is me second passion, experiment new recipes, especially cupcakes recipes. Crazy for my hubby, love him so so much. I became mum in February and it’s really one of the most full experience of my life. Currently my days are filled with feeds, diapers, pupù, pappa and pipì but I love to see how Andrea is growing up day by day! We are a family now and this is really exciting! Love writing a lot and the Project life and mini album are what I adore to create most! I love writing and If I don't stop myself I'll going on and on and on .... Nice to meet you! ;)

Qué os parece la nueva incorporación? Yo todavía no me lo creo!
What do you think about the new member? I still don't believe it!

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