martes, 25 de septiembre de 2018

Ride Down Memory Lane - Por Neftali

Hello everyone, it is Neftali here one final time. I have decided to step down from the team the month of September after working an entire year with all the amazingness that Florence challenges us here at In The Scrap. It has been an honor to be able to share my love for paper crafting and scrapbooking through these months and I hope that my creations have inspired you all a bit to get crafty. My passion has always been to inspire after the creating. So, having this world wide platform to do so, has been nothing short of amazing. 

I don’t have a new project for this post, but I simply wanted to take one last moment to head through memory lane and share a few of my most favorite projects created for this blog and the monthly challenges, so I hope you really do enjoy. 

As I mentioned, I joined last September on the Design Team and I remember the challenge being “your favorite place in the world.” What’s funny is that if you’re asking a crafty girl, like me, what her favorite place in the world might be, you’re gonna get the obvious answer: HER CRAFTY SPACE! Haha. So, I was super excited to create a Mini Album upon taking this challenge, all about my crafty space. Here is a look at that Mini...

A second favorite layout was the one I made for the “paper strips” challenge. This one is a favorite because of the scalloped strips I used, and the major Fall feels of the layout. I even have a YouTube process video for this layout, which you can find here. 

A third favorite layout was the one I created for the “grids” challenge. This one is always a favorite technique of mine because there are about a million ways you can create with a grid design. For this project I opted to go for a color-on-color technique as well, and had a blast using my Dear Lizzy supplies. 

A fourth favorite layout was the one I created for the “minimalist” challenge. This one I think is my top favorite! It was around the Christmas season so I made the simplest Christmas tree I could using crepe paper and only a handful of embellishments. I just love it for its simplicity! 

And a fifth, and final, favorite (because I can just keep going with this list! Haha) is the one I created for the “scraplift Steffi Reid” challenge. Steffi Reid has to be one of the biggest inspirers of the scrapbooking community, and I have my Pinterest board just filled with her creations. For this scraplift challenge I decided to lift the layout where she uses an entire photograph to scrap on. I mean, genius! Have you ever scrapbooked on top of an entire photo? It’s revolutionary! And I loved the end result of my own personal take. 

So, friends, it has obviously been a year full of challenges that have pushed my limits as a creator and flexed my scrappy muscles. I can’t thank Florence enough for allowing me this opportunity to be part of the in The Scrap Design team. I wish her the best of luck with the blog and her future goals, as well. One last goodbye, readers and as always, stay crafty!!!



domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2018

Blog Hop - 4to Aniversario In The Scrap

¡Muy pero muy buenos días! El mes ya está casi terminando, pero no podíamos irnos antes sin enseñaros la sorpresa que teníamos preparada por el 4to aniversario del blog: un blog hop con proyectos de todo el equipo de diseño llenísimo de inspiración.

Pues bien, os explico de qué va esto. La idea es que vayáis saltando de blog en blog comentando cada uno de los posts de acuerdo al siguiente orden:

Una vez finalizado el recorrido, debéis volver a este mismo post y comentar que habéis finalizado el recorrido. Si os animáis a presentar vuestro propio proyecto utilizando el número 4 como protagonista, tenéis doble no, ¡triple! chance de ganar.

El ganador/a se llevará un premio auspiciado por la tienda española de Piccolo Scrapbooking que si aún desconocéis, os recomiendo que empecéis a seguirla de cerca, sin dudas está llena de monerías scraperas. El premio cuenta con lo siguiente:
  • Set de papeles Little Boy
  • Stencil Locos momentos
  • Sellos constelaciones
  • Pigmento magenta

Ya veis que no tiene el más mínimo desperdicio 😍
Tenéis tiempo hasta el 14/10/18.


martes, 18 de septiembre de 2018

Travelers Notebook with a theme - Por Else

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by the blog today! This time I wanted to share a project close to my heart; my travelers notebook with the documentation of my first pregnancy and the struggles that we had with getting pregnant beforehand. 

I've used a travelers notebook before, for documenting our roadtrip in the USA in 2017 (you can see a flip through on my Instagram account @sgrselse). I really like the format of the notebook for documenting a specific theme or period in time. But of course you can use the travelers notebook for anything you like. 

Obviously, pregnancy is a big, lifechanging event. We didn't get pregnant right away. While we were in this process, I felt the need to document my feelings and thoughts about it. Where else to put your personal thoughts, than in a notebook?!
So I grabbed an empty notebook and selected the Maggie Holmes Flourish collection to use throughout the whole book. This creates an cohesive look when you look through the notebook. 

After about a year we were pregnant! I documented all sorts of different things: the check-ups I had at the midwife, the first ultra-sounds and about when we told our family and friends the good news. Of course I included some pictures of my growing belly and the change of the nursery. 

I also took the notebook and some supplies with me on our vacation, because that's where we wanted to select possible names and enjoy the 'last vacation' with just the two of us. Because of the small scale of the notebook, it's easy to take with you and doesn't take up much space in your suitcase.

I enjoy this process of documenting my life, because it doesn't take up much time. I search for some tags and matching papers, stick everything down and write or type my journaling. It has become a little diary with so much details which I otherwise would have forgotten about (especially since I forget everything these days). 
Unfortunately I can't show you the ending of my notebook; it is still a work in progress. While I'm writing this blog I'm in my 37th week, awaiting the big day. 

I've decided to end my contribution to the designteam for In the Scrap, because I don't know how much time I'll have left to scrap for the coming period. I really enjoyed getting to know all of you creative ladies (and gents?) out there and sharing our fun hobby we have in common! I will still be on Instagram, hopefully with some projects or layouts to share every once in a while ;-) 
Thank you so much for all the inspiration, support and love! Special thanks to Florencia, the silent force behind the In the Scrap blog, for giving me this opportunity! XO Else

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2018

Mini álbum anillado - Por Jo

Hola amigas de In The Scrap,  acá Jo Quezada y quiero mostrarles un mini álbum muy simple que hice usando la anilladora "Cinch". Como adorno de portada, agregué algunos detalles dorados, un marco y un par de pompones. A continuación los detalles: 

Un abrazo a todas! Gracias por leer. Jo.

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2018

Flowery Heart Scrapbook Layout - Por Nikki

Hello Lovelies,

Nikki here :)
Today I will show you a flowery Scrapbook Layout I´ve made with the Pink Paislee Turn the Page Collection. This Collection is one of my favorite because of all these beautiful flowers. I cut out the flowers by hand from one of the 12x12" Pattern Paper and created a big heart as a background.

For a highlight I used some leftovers from the flowers which are not complete and put them behind the white Cardstock in one edge. I love how it turns out.

What´s your favorite collection? Which product do you like the most?
Let us know in the comments below :)

See you soon
XO Nikki

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2018

Reto Septiembre: Pinturas acrílicas

¡Buenos días de domingo! Regresamos por aquí exprimiendo al máximo los últimos días de verano para presentaros nuestro reto de Septiembre. Y este mes, particularmente a nosotros, no nos puede gustar más porque... ¡Cumplimos 4 añazos! Así que no os mováis mucho de la pantalla que pronto tendréis muchas novedades por aquí. De momento os enseñamos nuestro reto de este mes que, si os gusta enchastraros las manos, estoy segura que os encantará:

Y estas son las maravillosas interpretaciones de nuestras diseñadoras...

¿Qué debo hacer para participar?

- Primero, debes hacer una interpretación del reto (ya sea un layout, un mini-álbum, una tarjeta, una página de PL, home decor...) inédita, es decir, que no se haya publicado con anterioridad.

- Una vez que tengas tu proyecto terminado y lo hayas publicado en tu blog o en alguna red social, debes copiar el link y pegarlo en el botón del final de la entrada. Recuerda que el enlace debe ser al post o foto del proyecto y no a tu blog o tu perfil principal.

- No es obligatorio seguirnos en las redes, pero si lo haces, será valorado convenientemente.
- Dependiendo de dónde lo publiques, debes seguir diferentes indicaciones. Si lo haces desde Facebook, debes mencionarnos en la publicación etiquetando la página de In The Scrap. Si lo haces desde Instagram, debes etiquetarnos en la publicación como @inthescrap y utilizar los hashtags #retosinthescrap y #inthescrap. Si lo haces desde tu blog, enlaza el post del reto en algún punto de la entrada.
- Es una única participación por persona.
What should I do to participate?

- First, you must make an interpretation of the challenge (either a layout, a mini-album, a card, a PL page, home decor...) unpublished, ie, that hasn't been published previously.

- Once you have your finished project and you've posted in your blog or in a social network, you must copy the link and paste it into the button at the end of the entry. Remember that the link should be to post or photo of the project and not to your blog or your main profile.

- It isn't obligatory to follow us in the nets, but if you do it, will be suitably valued.

- Depending on where you post it, you must follow different indications. If you post from Facebook, you must mention us in the publication page tagging the page of In The Scrap. If you post from Instagram, you have to label us in the publication as @inthescrap and use the hashtags #inthescrap and #retosinthescrap. If you post from your blog, linking the post of the challenge at some point of entry.

- It's a only one entry per person.

¿Hasta cuándo tengo tiempo de presentar mi proyecto?
Tienes tiempo hasta el día 29 de Septiembre a las 00:00. El ganador saldrá publicado al día siguiente en el blog.
How long will I have time to present my project?
You have until September 29th at 00:00. The winner will be published next day in the blog.

¿Es internacional?
Sí, lo es! Puedes participar desde cualquier país del planeta.
Is it international?
Yes, it is! You can participate from any country of the planet.

¿Cuál es el premio?
El premio de este mes es auspiciado por la tienda de The Paradise Corner, con un lote de material chulísimo que cualquier scrapera moriría por tener en su mesa. ¿Acaso me equivoco?

¿Qué os parece? ¿Os animáis a jugar con pinturas y pinceles?