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Travelers Notebook with a theme - Por Else

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by the blog today! This time I wanted to share a project close to my heart; my travelers notebook with the documentation of my first pregnancy and the struggles that we had with getting pregnant beforehand. 

I've used a travelers notebook before, for documenting our roadtrip in the USA in 2017 (you can see a flip through on my Instagram account @sgrselse). I really like the format of the notebook for documenting a specific theme or period in time. But of course you can use the travelers notebook for anything you like. 

Obviously, pregnancy is a big, lifechanging event. We didn't get pregnant right away. While we were in this process, I felt the need to document my feelings and thoughts about it. Where else to put your personal thoughts, than in a notebook?!
So I grabbed an empty notebook and selected the Maggie Holmes Flourish collection to use throughout the whole book. This creates an cohesive look when you look through the notebook. 

After about a year we were pregnant! I documented all sorts of different things: the check-ups I had at the midwife, the first ultra-sounds and about when we told our family and friends the good news. Of course I included some pictures of my growing belly and the change of the nursery. 

I also took the notebook and some supplies with me on our vacation, because that's where we wanted to select possible names and enjoy the 'last vacation' with just the two of us. Because of the small scale of the notebook, it's easy to take with you and doesn't take up much space in your suitcase.

I enjoy this process of documenting my life, because it doesn't take up much time. I search for some tags and matching papers, stick everything down and write or type my journaling. It has become a little diary with so much details which I otherwise would have forgotten about (especially since I forget everything these days). 
Unfortunately I can't show you the ending of my notebook; it is still a work in progress. While I'm writing this blog I'm in my 37th week, awaiting the big day. 

I've decided to end my contribution to the designteam for In the Scrap, because I don't know how much time I'll have left to scrap for the coming period. I really enjoyed getting to know all of you creative ladies (and gents?) out there and sharing our fun hobby we have in common! I will still be on Instagram, hopefully with some projects or layouts to share every once in a while ;-) 
Thank you so much for all the inspiration, support and love! Special thanks to Florencia, the silent force behind the In the Scrap blog, for giving me this opportunity! XO Else

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