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Christmas gifts wrapping - Por Rebecca

Hello again! It's Rebecca Luminarias with you for my last post as the December Guest. We are a week away from Christmas so my last post is, of course, gift wrapping again! I've still got a lot of it to do myself, so being able to wrap up some gifts, as well as use those examples for this guest post is a bonus!

Today I'm using Cottage Christmas products by Fancy Pants Designs, and I've paired them with kraft gift boxes and some tags from Fancy Pants' The Yellow Door collection. I'm staying pretty traditional with this gift wrap, which is much different from my other projects I've done for In the Scrap this month. Do you stick to one color palette or theme each year or do you like to switch it up and try out a few different hues and motifs? I've definitely been bouncing around this year and haven't been able to choose just one!

What I like most about these gifts is that I've basically just made a layered tag, then added two or three embellishments to finish the wrapping. I find it's sometimes less time-consuming to wrap if you don't actually have to use wrapping paper!

On my first box, I added a die cut with pinecones, branches, and leaves on it to a 
black Yellow Door tag. Under the die cut are a couple of my own faux leafy stems. 
I've used a bit of lace and glitter tape to enhance the tag and draw attention to the "Merry" die cut sentiment, found in the Cottage Christmas pack.

To go along with the tag, I wrapped a kraft box with lace and gold shimmer twine, then tied on a couple of small baubles with the tag. It's very traditional, and I've always loved the idea of including an ornament on my packages.

The next box, a matching kraft box, features a black and cream striped tag as the base. I fashioned a small wreath out of faux leaf wired trim and adhered it to the tag over some pink tulle. I love these pinecone die cuts and attached them to the tag with some 3D foam dots. I tucked some lighter green leaves in between the pinecones, and a little sticker from The Yellow Door that says, "give unconditionally." The final touch is a cute red paper bow.

For the wrapping, I simply tied red ribbon around the box, stringing a length through the hole of the tag. I also placed a white doily under the tag, for curves and texture.

The last gift is a small box of tiny bulbs, so I needed a smaller tag. There's a black tag 
in The Yellow Door collection that says "always handmade" at the bottom, and I thought it was a pretty good match for these gifts. I used a layer of pink tulle and adhered another pinecone and branch die cut over the top of it. I also added a small red chipboard heart to this tag.

For the wrapping, I used red ribbon and lace, as well as a pink embroidery floss tassel and a silver bauble. It's simple and sweet, and this trio of gifts is now, thankfully, ready to give to a good friend.

I hope you've enjoyed my projects this month, and I wish you the happiest of holidays! Thank you so much for spending your time with me--happy wrapping!

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