sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2018

Winter-Box-Minialbum - Por Julia

Merry Christmas! Today is the first holiday of Christmas, at least in Germany - where we already exchanged gifts last night - and I wish you all a wonderful time, hopefully with your loved ones.

I thoght, since we are all very busy today, I would write you a post with lots of lovely pictures to look at - and not so much so read:).

Therefore I will show you a winter minialbum in a box. For a long time I wanted to make a mini in a box. I thought that this looked kinda fun - and it is - and the kids love to look at all the cards in the box. This mini is a good thing to have a look at with 3 kids at the same time. Everyone has the best view because evryone can hold those cards and look thouroughly at them at peace. No discussing about going forewards or backawards in an album. I'm all for peace in our house these days.

This is my stack of cards. They're all 4x6 inch, so you can use just one picture on them and be done. Or have fun and use lots of embellishments like I did.

Some of the cards are double sided and some double cards are also pockets filled with tags for journaling.

I used mostly Crate Paper's 'Snow and Cocoa' Collection. I love that collection and it is perfect for documenting our winter adventures.

I even tried to use the packaging for a card. I like it how that turned out.

Recently I bought some Nuvo drops and now I put them on everything. These little bottles are so versatile and I love the texture of them on my projects. Maybe a little to much at the moment because it is not an understatement when I say thet I put them on EVERYTHING.

I'm totaly inspired by a minialbum by Steffi Ried for this project. She made a summer mini like this and I got the idea from her.

I hope you liked the non christmas project today. I wish you all a happy winter and lots of fun - hopefully with snow. We already got our skiers and will be off to skiing the next days.

Merry Christmas,

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